Frequently asked Questions

With Anna M products, color and care for your hair with natural color  pigments and active ingredients.Our Anna M herbal hair colors de not contain preservives, color enhancers, peroxides or other chemical additives, because your health and safety are important to us. thanks to particularly careful prepation and superior quality, anna m herbal hair colors more intensely than any herbal colors more intensely than any herbal hair color you have ever know. Keep this in mind when applying our plants colors for the first time.


Anna M herbal hair color

A large enough bowl

Hot water

Gloves to protect your hands

An towel to protect your clothes

A brush intended for herbal  hair color

A shower cap to keep the eat of the scalp


Optimal preparation of your hair firts wash your hair with anna M shampoo suitable for your hair type. be aware that many conventional commercial products contain silicones. the silicone is deposited on each hair as a film and the hair initially appears shinie and healthier. but, over time, the hair actually becomes covered with silicone and can no longer receive care or colring products because it acts a barrier to color taking in the case of herbal color. If we are usurewhether your hair care contains silicone(Anna m shampoo 3FLOR de NARANJA & HIERBA de SAN JUAN do not contain silicone), we recommende that wash your hair with "FLOR de NARANJA ou HIERBA de SAN JUAN , for example, before applying the herbal hair color dye Anna M. prepared in this way, tour hair will take the color optimally. ideally, Anna M herbal dye should be aplied to damp hair to ensure even color distribution.