General Information

Anna M protocol colors. Mix 1 part color & 3 parts hot water. DO NOT USE METALLIC MATERIAL (Choose wood or plastic).
Anna M protocol colors. Mix 1 part color & 3 parts hot water. DO NOT USE METALLIC MATERIAL (Choose wood or plastic).

INSTRUCTION FOR USE - Plant hair color  Anna M.

Hair preparation :

.If you use chemical cosmetics (silicone), it is necessary and recommende to DETOXIFY the scalp and hair with the clay mask (green clay preferably because it's stronger than the white one).

.Wash hair thoroughly before applying the colour paste,and preferably using a natural shampoo " FLOR de NARANJA o HIERBA de SAN JUAN" and simply dry towel.This step is absolutely important for a better result. Do not use  conditioner or oils at this stage.

.Hair should be very clean and free from any oils, gels, styling products or residual products such as conditioners. Unlike hair dyes  based on chemicals that break and damage hair, Anna M color lays down on the hair. This is why the paste will work better when applied to clean hair.

Preparation of the dough :

.Use amounts of hair color powder according to hair length.

-hair roots :                   50 g.

-short hair :                 100 g.

-should lenght hair :    150 g.

-long hair :                   250 g.

.Use hot water aproximately at  50°C to 90°C. Use pure drinking water or distilled water for better  results..

.Gradually add  hot water to the hair color powder, little at a time, in a bowl and mix  well until you get an uniform consistencyof ketchup or yogurt.

.Avoid using  metal bowl or metal spoon while preparing or applying the paste.

.For very short hair,gray hair, and for difficult areas like the temples, make a thicker paste by adding more powder and apply an extra thick coating.

Color application :

.After a fullwash of the hair (as mentioned above), dry the hair with the towel and when it is still slightly damp, start applying the paste starting with.the roots and all the way down using a brush or evn by hand. Make sure you cover all the hair. The paste can even be applied to yhe scalp as it would improve the nutrition of it. Color the entire hair every 3  to 4 months.

.Very gray  and short hair is better covered  by using a thicker paste.

.After applying the paste completely and evenly, cover your hair with the the shower cap.The heat activates the plant pigments in the dough, wich helps to improve the process of nutrition and coloring.

Application time :

.Follow the break times indicated on each color label Anna M.

.After applying the paste, cover the shower cap,. Moreover, a usual freshness film can also be used to cover the hair.


.Finally rinse hair with plenty of running water without shampoo. for better result, we recommend using shampoo / conditioner only 24hours. If shampoo earlier tha, 24 hours is really necessary, a natural, mild  shampoo is highly recommended. (FLOR de NARANJA or HIERBA de SAN JUAN). 

Important suggestions  1st application :

.When using chemical cosmetics, it is recommended to detoxify the scalp and hairwith  a clay mask.

.Anna M coloring is 100%  chemical free so it is very important to make a shampoo just before color application for a better result.

.It is recommended  to use hot water : 50°C to 90°C. Cold water  does not activate plant pigments, while boiling water damages the properties of plant pigments.

.Make the dough with the consistency of ketchup or yogurt : neither too thin or too thick. A small portion of the powder can be saved and used to correct the thickness of the dough in case the dough is too thin.

.Apply the paste as soon as it is prepared.

.For better result, use at least the minimum recommended amount. There should be enough paste to completely cover the hair.

.Do not brush the hair after applying the paste as this may  remove the color coating from it. 

.For beginners, a second application is recommended after 24 hours to obtain the wanted color.

.The color continues to darken over the next 4 to 5 days. Anna M coloring is made dye plants, which is why it can be applied as much as you want. Repeat use will improve color fastness.

.Anna M coloring can be safely applied to chemically treated, permed, dyed or damaged hair.

.Anna M coloring is 100% natural and it is made only from dye plants. Results may be milder compared to harsh chemical-based dyes. This is the unique characteristic of natural products.

.The first application may not provide optimal results on  hair damaged by chemical exposure or in poor hair or scalp health. In such cases, it may be necessary to repeat the application 1 to 2 times with a gap of at least 24 hours between each application.

.Anna M coloring is an organic hair and scalp treatment that acts as a semi-permanent hair color. We strongly recommend a minimum of 2 applications per month for beautifull, strong and shiny hair.

.Results may vary from person to person depending on hair health and hair color at the time of application.

.Anna M colours are reinforced with Tabashir (natural collagen), in order to obtain beautifull, strong and shiny hair, and  Guar gum for optimal application. We recommended 2 applications per month .

.Anna M coloring does not stain the skin or the scalp.

.A bit test is recommended for novice users.

.Range brown :

.In very rare cases,  CHOCOLATE B color  can give a slightly green tone. Over the next 12 hours, the colour should reach its tone on it own. If this does not happer, you can use CHOCOLATE A to correct the green reflection and get a nice BROWN colour.

.In very rare cases, CHOCOLATE A color can give a slightly orange tone. Over the next 12 hours, the colour should reach its tone on it own. if this does not happer, you can use CHOCOLATE B to correct the orange reflection and get a nice BROWN.  

.In case decolored hair, the first application might result in a sligh green tone. If this happens, a second application is recommended after 12 hours, in orden to obtain the chosen colour.